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Processing the 2020 Pew Study of American Jewry

Congregation Shaarei Tefillah and Young Israel of Sharon, May 15, 2021. A discussion between Prof. Sylvia Barak Fishman, Prof. Jonathan Sarna, and Dr. Michelle Shain.

The Orthodox Community Reflects on the Pew Report on Jewish Americans

Orthodox Union, May 20, 2021. A presentation of findings from Pew researchers Dr. Becka Alper and Alan Cooperman, and our panel of five thought leaders discussing the report: Moishe Bane, Dr. Erica Brown, Rabbi Moshe Hauer, Dr. Michelle Shain, and Rabbi David  Zwiebel, moderated by Rabbi Steven Weil.

The Conversation: The New Pew Report on American Jews

Brandeis Hillel, May 13, 2021. A conversation with Dr. Emily Sigalow PhD ’15 and Dr. Michelle Shain ’04, PhD ’16, advisors for the Pew Research Center’s 2020 Survey of US Jews.

Pew 2020 Study of the American Jewish Community: A Socio-Demographic Analysis

Association for the Social Scientific Study of Jewry, May 12, 2021. A presentation by Dr. Becka Alper and Alan Cooperman (Pew Research Center), followed by responses by Prof. Len Saxe (Brandeis University), Prof. Sergio DellaPergola (the Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Emily Sigalow (UJA-Federation of NY), Dr. Bethamie Horowitz (New York University), Prof. Harriet Hartman (Rowan […]

OU Live, Episode 011

Orthodox Union, April 6, 2020. Who among us should we be worried for?