Rachel Ginsberg

Principal Researcher
Rachel Ginsberg

Research Passions: Jewish education, teacher education, female roles, family narratives, spiritual growth

Dr. Rachel Ginsberg is a principal researcher at the Center for Communal Research. She works with Jewish lay leaders, community members, and stakeholders to support their data-informed decision making through qualitative research.

Rachel believes in the power of stories to illuminate the human experience. In her research, she creates the space for each unique and singular voice to emerge and inform the problems and questions she explores.

Rachel is both an experienced educator and a scholar of education. She spent many years as a classroom teacher at Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy and has taught in education departments at several universities, nurturing the growth and development of preservice teachers. Her PhD research followed preservice teachers engaged in action research to address a problem of practice in their student teaching placement, looking to understand how action research influences preservice teachers’ critical inquiry stance towards their work as educators. Rachel’s career is driven and shaped by the possibility that there may be a better way to approach any challenge encountered.

Rachel holds a PhD in Teacher Education and Development from Montclair State University, an MA in Early Childhood Education from Queens College, and a BA in Elementary Education from New York University.

Rachel spends her downtime enjoying moments with family and friends. She loves good books about complicated relationships and dreams of becoming an avid runner.