Elisha Penn

Senior Associate Researcher
Elisha Penn

Research Passions: sports analytics, behavioral economics, affordability


Elisha Penn is a senior associate researcher at the Center for Communal Research. He works with programmatic departments to improve data collection and measure their impact.


Elisha believes that thorough data analysis can help maximize programmatic impact by both properly diagnosing critical barriers to programs and by shaping sound solutions.


Elisha has been deeply involved in the Center’s quantitative work: a cross-sectional survey of single, Orthodox men and women, an impact evaluation of mental health programming using a quasi-experimental design, and a longitudinal study of mental health, financial stability, and spirituality during COVID-19.


Elisha has also conducted research modeling the price premium for kosher food products and consulted with other non-profits about how to understand and utilize their data.


Elisha studied Economics and Near Eastern & Judaic Studies at Brandeis University where he received his BA in 2019.


While at Brandeis, Elisha was involved in the Brandeis Orthodox Organization, serving as education coordinator and treasurer. Elisha is an avid sports fan and reader. He has conducted research examining the impact of winning a faceoff on a hockey team’s success rate on the powerplay as well as their possession rates during overtime.