Channah Cohen

Lead Researcher
Channah Cohen

Research Passions: emerging adulthood, transformative learning, religious development

Channah Cohen is an applied researcher at the Center for Communal Research. She works with real humans who are part of the phenomena that the Center studies, to have a positive impact on individual and communal ways of being and quality-of-life.

Channah believes that the sensitive and intelligent application of relevant research to real-world problems in contemporary Orthodox life can create lasting positive change within our existing systems. She feels a special connection to Carl Rogers’ proverb that “the facts are friendly.”

Prior to joining the Center for Communal Research, Channah was a Torah Educator at the OU’s Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus at Queens College. She enjoyed (and still enjoys!) a demanding mentorship role with her students; teaching, coaching, and scaffolding the immense personal capacity of emerging adults. Channah is interested in the intersection of religious education and psychology, and she strives to live and teach means of spiritual living that are resonant with the human experience.

Channah enjoyed majoring in Psychology at Yeshiva University’s Stern College for Women, graduated summa cum laude, was a Dean’s Scholar all semesters, and was chosen for the Murray Adler Leadership and Vision Award. Channah then completed a master’s degree in Adult Learning & Leadership at Teachers College, Columbia University, a program that focuses on the principles of adult education, applied social psychology, and organizational learning. She wrote her master’s thesis on the application of Transformative Learning Theory to religious transformations of ba’alei teshuva.

Channah is from the windy Midwestern city of Chicago. She lives in Silver Spring, Maryland with her husband Jeff and their three children.