Barak Hagler

Associate Researcher
Barak Hagler

Barak Hagler is an Associate Researcher at the Center for Communal Research. A 2020 graduate of Yeshiva University, Barak completed a B.A. in economics, with a concentration in mathematics, and received a departmental award for excellence in economics. While there, he was a writing center tutor and vice-president of the sports analytics club.


Barak is thrilled to be a on the data analytics team of an organization that does so much for the communities that he is a part of and can’t wait to contribute. Part of what he enjoys about analysis is using data to examine all sides of an issue and make an informed decision that will generate the most positives.


Barak is more than a numbers guy though. In his down time, Barak enjoys reading from a variety of genres, and when he feels the creative spirit possess him, writing. Barak is also a baseball (go Yankees!) and basketball (go Nets!) fan, and in another lifetime would be a sports broadcaster. Barak is also a Baal Koreh, and staunchly believes in the study of Nach. His favorite Perush is the Malbim.


Born and bred in Elizabeth, NJ, Barak and his wife Shira currently reside in Washington Heights.