Have you been invited to participate in a research study?
Here’s all you need to know!

Currently, participants have been invited to participate in the following studies:

If you think the Center for Communal Research has invited you to participate in a different study, it may be a phishing attack– please email research@ou.org or call 212-613-8200 immediately.

Single and Orthodox in America

The OU’s Center for Communal research is embarking on a study exploring what it means to be single and Orthodox in America today.

Why is this research being done?

This research is about the experiences of single Orthodox Jews. We are examining the behaviors and beliefs of those involved with the Orthodox marriage market – from singles to matchmakers to rabbis and rebbetzins. We are attempting to produce actionable information to help policymakers, practitioners, philanthropists, and singles.

What am I being asked to do as part of this research?

You are being asked to complete a survey about your experiences as a single, Orthodox Jew. While we hope that you will answer the questions fully and honestly, you can decline to answer any question.

Do I have to take part in this research? Taking part in this research is voluntary. You can choose not to take part. You can agree to take part and later change your mind. There is no penalty for choosing not to take part.

Could being in this research hurt me?

Participation in this study presents minimal risk. The probability of harm or discomfort are not greater than those ordinarily encountered in daily life. It is possible that some questions may induce stress, anxiety or guilt. You can decline to answer any question and withdraw from the study at any time.

Will it cost me money to take part in this research?

Taking part in this research will not cost you any money.

Will being in this research benefit me?

We cannot promise any benefits to you or others from your taking part in this research. We hope that you will enjoy sharing your story and having the opportunity to inform Jewish communal policy. If the study’s findings ultimately bolster Jewish communal policies that support singles, you and others may eventually benefit indirectly.

What happens to the information collected for this research?

The information you share in the survey will be seen only by the research team at the Center for Communal Research. Information from this study will be reported in ways that do not identify individual participants. The fact of your participation in this study will be kept confidential. All data pertaining to the survey will be stored in one of the Orthodox Union’s password protected cloud storage platforms. Although we will make every effort to protect your information from disclosure to others, we cannot promise complete secrecy.

Will I be paid for taking part in this research?

The first 500 subjects to complete the survey will receive a $10 Amazon.com gift card. In addition, all subjects who complete the survey will be entered into a raffle to win one of two $500 Amazon.com gift cards.

Who can answer my questions about this research?

If you have questions, concerns, or complaints, contact the Center for Communal Research at research@ou.org or (212) 613-8200.

This research is being overseen by an Institutional Review Board (“IRB”). An IRB is a group of people who perform independent review of research studies. If you have questions, concerns, or complaints that are not being addressed by the Center for Communal Research, or if you have questions about your rights as a research subject, you may contact the IRB at info@neirb.com or (800) 232-9570.