The Center for Communal Research serves as the central address for the evaluation of programs offered by the OU. Our aim is to enhance the OU’s ability to serve the Jewish community.


If you are an employee of the OU and would like to conduct an evaluation study, please fill out the form below.

Feedback Form Submission

This form is designed to allow us to assist in enhancing the quality of the feedback you receive about your program. If you have broader survey needs, please contact research@ou.org. Please remember to use your OU Account Microsoft Form or your NCSY Google Form for survey distribution. Our policies will be updated in the coming months and we'll keep you posted.  
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    Please upload your survey questions for review here. The survey should be completely anonymous (no 'Name' Optional, for example) and fewer than twenty questions.


Here’s a complete (updated weekly) list of evaluations run by the Center for Communal Research. If you do not see one on this list, please be suspicious even if it looks legitimate:


NCSY’s TJJ Summer Trip, 2018

Rebbetzin’s Conference, 2018

OUTA Survey, 2019

Webinar OU/Shalom Task Force, 2019

Yarchei Kallah 2018 (Participants and Staff)

JLIC Support, 2019

NCSY Adviser Study, 2019


If you’ve been interviewed or filled out a survey you’re not sure about and/or would like to withdraw from an ongoing evaluation you can reach us at: